News Should I work in Customer Service?

Should I work in Customer Service?

Are you wondering whether customer service is the job for you? Or maybe you want to try a new route? Carry on reading to find out more!

Customer service is a huge aspect of lots of different jobs these days. Working in retail requires you to have good customer service and being able to help the customer with the information required.

Public: A customer service based role involves a lot of interaction with the public, whether this being over the phone or face to face. Think about this role logically. If you are shy and don’t like to talk on the phone or feel uncomfortable face to face, then this job may not be right for you. However, this job could, in fact, make you more confident and help the way you speak to people. If you love talking and are confident enough to speak to strangers, then this could be perfect for you!

Helping: Customer service is all about helping people. It may be helping someone find a product in a shop or guiding someone through a website online over the phone. Being able to help people will give you a sense of achievement and feel good about resolving an issue.

Skills: Customer service is a skill that will stick with you forever. Whether you decide to stop working in customer service or even be a part of it for a short period, it’s going to help you with being confident to talk to people throughout your lifetime.

Progress: There is progression within customer service. For example, working in a store may require people asking you a lot about the products you sell. By having to answer these questions on a daily basis, you’ll begin to understand and gain knowledge of the store. You’ll do this by asking other colleagues for the answer/description which you’ll then provide to the next customer who asks. Eventually, within your role, you may end up being promoted to a team leader or supervisor!


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