Automotive retail is not just selling or fixing cars. Automotive retail is an extremely diverse industry with hundreds of different roles available that can suit your interests, skills and passions. If you are not sure about what’s best for you, have a look at the highlights for each sector and see if they reflect you.

  • Customer Service - Aftersales

  • Marketing & Digital Communication

  • Logistics & Parts Distribution

  • HR & Recruitment

  • Vehicle Technician/Mechanic

  • IT & Web Development

  • Administration

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Sales

Customer Service - Aftersales

Customer service representative is the catch-all job title for many

You will advise, guide and assist people by providing them with the support they may need to ensure their vehicle gets the care and service it needs to be safe and reliable. You will update them on upgrades and recalls required and recommend services and safety checks like MOT, to ensure they enjoy their motoring experience. You will do this face-to-face, over the phone or via email and live-chats.

Marketing & Digital Communication

Working in Marketing and Digital communication you will use both online and offline methods of communicating with customers.

You look after the reputation of the company and seek to build relationships across a multitude of channels to increase visibility and raise brand awareness. You may use both offline and online methods, including press releases and social media, as well as marketing platforms to improve business, sales and reputation.

Logistics & Parts Distribution

A job in Logistics and Parts Distribution involves organising and implementing complex operations ensuring adequate stocks of vehicle replacement parts and accessories

You will organise and implement complex operations ensuring adequate stocks of vehicle replacement parts and accessories are available for both customer demands as well as the just-in-time operation of dealership workshops. Your goal is to make sure that the process between the vehicle manufacturer and the end-user (customer) is run smoothly and meet customers\' and clients\' expectations.

HR & Recruitment

Human Resources and Recruitment is all about people.

In Human Resources (HR) you ensure your company\'s most important resource, its people, are aligned and ready to achieve the business overall objectives. You provide employees with support throughout their career development, giving advice on further training required. If you are part of the recruitment team, you will help find the right candidate for the right job and plan for their progression within the company by monitoring their development.

Vehicle Technician/Mechanic

A vehicle mechanic is a very complex job that requires a large amount of training - usually three years.

You will be trained to work on vehicles to carry out repairs, servicing and diagnosing how to resolve and correct faults. You acquire your skills through apprenticeships, it normally takes three years for you to gain your NVQ level 3, which enables you to develop your technician career.

IT & Web Development

The automotive industry is underpinned by some of the most advanced technology in the world and it demands support from teams of IT professionals.

The automotive industry is underpinned by some of the most advanced technology in the world. In Information technology (IT) and web development, you could build systems, web-based internet and external applications, as well as help solve technology problems to grow the business potential.


Administration supports sales departments and service departments with various tasks.

You will help manage various administration tasks within an organisation, that are key to ensuring all new and used vehicles are correctly registered, taxed and ready to be collected by the customer.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting measures, processes and communicates the financial information about the business.

You measure, process and communicate the financial information about the business. You will give guidance to management on the business progression as well as plans, forecasts and budgets to measure against. this will evaluate the potential of realistic targeting.


Sales promotes vehicles, products and services with a view to selling a vehicle to a customer.

You will help promote vehicles, accessories, products, and services, you will need to understand customer needs and expectations. Working in a sales department can be rewarding and challenging, with a chance to earn additional commission for meeting your targets in both sales and customer satisfaction.

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