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Drive My Career gives you the best chance to kick-start your career and drive it forward. If you are passionate about something or just want to explore what’s out there, Drive My Career can help you. On the website, you can find out who are the dealer groups that operate in your area. Also, you will be able to explore the wide range of career opportunities that the retail automotive industry offers across many different sectors.

It’s simple: enter your postcode and take a look at the dealer groups operating in your area. Find out the opportunities available and apply for the role that best suits you or get in touch directly with the employer.

The Industry

The retail side of the automotive industry employs nearly 600,000 people. As a result, this is one of the biggest and most varied sectors you can get into.  There are automotive dealerships all over the UK and your local one might have the right opportunity for you to kick-start and develop your professional career.

The industry is going through several big changes which make it one of the most exciting sectors to work for. The automotive industry is advancing at a fast pace and there are plenty of new things to learn. With the ever-increasing involvement of technology, as well as a number of other trends facing the industry, the need for new solutions is clear.


There are a lot of entry-level jobs available alongside others that may require specific qualifications. Overall, if you have the right motivation and are ready to learn, the industry will support and train you. Many automotive professionals started from the bottom, worked their way up and are now experienced leaders shaping the future of the industry. Who knows, this could be you one day!

Drive My Career is powered by NFDA, which represents franchised automotive retailers in the UK.

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