News Tips for creating the perfect CV

Tips for creating the perfect CV

Personal details:

Add the correct personal details. This is the first opportunity to introduce yourself so you want to make sure you do this correctly. Include your full name (middle name is optional). You can make your name a bigger font to make it stand out more against the rest of the text.

You don’t have to include your marital status and family. It’s completely up to you if you want to include your date of birth since it isn’t required now due to the Equality Act in 2010.

Contact details are essential. Don’t include your work phone number or email address; you want to have your personal details. So, include your address and phone number. You could even create a new email just for your job search which will make it easier to see when you get contacted.


You want to add a personal statement to your CV. This is a summary of yourself which includes details that will make you stand out to the interviewer/company.

Skills: Skills are important to include in your CV. You want to make sure the skills you mention are relevant. If the role you’re applying for involves working in a team, make sure you mention the skill of teamwork. Other examples of skills could include, time management,  organisational skills and problem-solving.

Work experience: Mentioning former jobs will give an extra understanding of yourself, to the company. You should mention the time length spent at your past jobs. Describe briefly some of the job tasks you have completed to help show off your skills. This can show consistency and loyalty. Write your most recent role at the top.

Education: Information about your educational background is important, especially if you have not had any relevant professional experience yet. In this case, you could also put this section before your work experience. If you have just left school, focus on your GCSEs, A levels.

Qualifications: Qualifications are an important part to include. However, only mention the achievements that are relevant. Don’t try to bulk up the CV with every single achievement you’ve got to try and make yourself look good. The company will only be interested in those that are relevant. These can include GCSEs, A-Levels or IT qualifications for example.

Tailor your CV: Instead of having one CV that goes to all companies, try to tailor it to the application. So to make yourself stand out, tailor the CV to each company/application. This could really benefit your application since the employer will be able to see you have taken the time to research the company.

Keep the CV up to date. Check it over every so often to see if there is a way that you can improve how it reads or to just include extra information.

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