Success Stories Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sytner - Sales Executive

  • When did you start working at Sytner Group? I started working for Sytner in July 2015 and started my role as an apprentice to the sales team.
  • What is your favourite part of your job? There are many aspects of my job role that I love but the best is doing the deal with the customer, finalising the deal and asking the customer for their business, there isn’t quite a feeling like shaking a customer’s hand and getting their commitment to buy from you!
  • Can you tell me about the culture in your workplace? The culture in our workplace is that we are one team, we will do the best we can to benefit each part of the business and if I need help or have an unanswered question I know that there is also someone I can count on that would assist me and anyone else across the business and departments.
  • How have you developed since working for Sytner? I think I have matured greatly since working here, I am able to deal with several difficult situations at the same time and solve them in a calm manner. This is very important I think, as your customers don’t want to see you stressed as it could mirror on to them when they are meant to be having a great time purchasing a brand new vehicle and nothing should ruin that experience.
  • What’s been one of your proudest moments working at Sytner? My proudest moment working for Sytner was when I hit the ‘Think Big’ 150 car target in my first year, I felt so proud and happy that I was able to do this in my first year and all my hard work paid off.


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