Success Stories Richard Hargraves

Richard Hargraves

JCT600 - Parts Trainee

  • What year did you take part in an apprenticeship? 1985! And I am now JCT600 managing director
  • Why did you decide to take part in an apprenticeship? I was super keen in getting a career going and had always been passionate about cars. this seemed like a good opportunity to make a start in the industry.
  • Do you feel like your apprenticeship shaped your career? And why? Absolutely! It gave me a great grounding into all aspects of the motor trade, how each department worked and what could be achieved.
  • What impact do you think current JCT600 Apprentices have on the business? JCT600 apprentices are hugely important to us and our future. Part of our strategy is to create clear career and succession plans, and the Apprentices are the foundation of this. They typically flourish within the business and stay with us long-term. We have many examples of key managers that work with us throughout the group who started as apprentices, including those at senior levels.