Success Stories Lois Hill

Lois Hill

Perrys - Marketing Assistant

  • Why did you start an apprenticeship? After graduating from University with a Commercial Photography Degree, I had no idea what to do with it. I explored the industries and roles I thought would be exciting, which still included content creation. Marketing sounded like a good fit for me – it meant I could learn about social media, advertising and content creation. The Digital Marketing Apprentice role I found via Google and applied through Perrys’ recruitment agency. I thought this would be a great first step in the industry and a role I could see myself in. And, as an apprentice, this meant I could learn and earn, plus gain another qualification.
  • How was your first interview with Perrys? I attended an online interview and then was asked to go to Perrys’ head office for a second interview – I accepted both. It was my first time going to a large office for an interview, so naturally, I was nervous. However, when I arrived, the atmosphere was comfortable, and I didn’t feel overwhelmed.
    About a day later, I was offered the role. This was then the start of me pursuing working life, 9 to 5.30, Monday to Friday. Scary, but knowing it was an apprenticeship eased my nerves as I knew I would be learning along the way.
  • Overall, how was your experience as an apprentice? On my first day I was introduced to everyone and the marketing team. They made me feel welcome and settled. I appreciated all their support throughout my apprenticeship.
    The Automotive Industry has always been on my radar. And when the opportunity came up to learn and earn in this sector, it was something I knew I had to take.
    My year at Perrys and completing my Junior Content Producer Course was brilliant. I learned many things about content creation and what skills are needed to excel in marketing. I’m now a Marketing Assistant and support the marketing team.
  • Would you recommend the apprenticeship route? Doing an apprenticeship is something that I will always recommend. It means that from a younger age or any age, you can grasp working life quickly and gain skills and knowledge. Once you’ve got some experience, you can take this and apply your skills to other areas.