Success Stories James Lewis

James Lewis

Trident Honda - Service Advisor

  • What was your first job? I started picking up the phone and taking bookings at my local car dealership. I wasn’t planning to stay in the industry, but I suddenly realised that there were numerous opportunities available. Since then, I have worked for Jaguar Land Rover for four years and in my current position as a service advisor at Trident Honda for two years.
  • What are the best and most challenging aspects of your role? I get the chance to help many people and I take pleasure in pleasing them. It can be challenging to deal with customers that feel unsafe and arrive at the dealership with some negative preconceptions, but it’s even more rewarding when you overcome these and manage to build a relationship with them. It’s up to you where you want to go, if you want, you can be in charge and run the show. Always bring your ideas to the table!
  • What skills did you acquire and develop? All the different roles available within the industry allow you to develop a very diverse skill set. Over the past years, I have acquired strong IT and organisational skills. In my current role, as I deal with different customers every day, the ability to build relationships with them is crucial. In general, if you look for it, you will find the career path that best suits your skills.
  • Other perks that make you love your job? I meet with hundreds of different people and, when I manage to connect with them, apart from the satisfaction of making them happy, there are a number of other benefits. An example? A few customers have given me tickets for sport events! As a car owner, there are several other perks. In most of the cases, you can take home with you a brand-new car and look after it for free.
  • Do you have other tips for young people thinking of getting into the industry? In my position, it’s very important to be able to read people. Also, if you are organised, you can minimise your working process. As a result, this will help you save a lot of time and effort. With so many different opportunities available, whatever your interests, passions or hobbies are, you will find a role that suits you.

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