Success Stories Jake Grayson

Jake Grayson

Caffyns PLC - Vehicle Technician

  • Year 1 I joined Caffyns at the age of 16. As my first full-time job, it was quite frightening jumping into a job straight after leaving school. However, everyone was very welcoming here and made me feel at ease. In the first year, I was working under a mentor. I learned routine maintenance, brakes and tyres etc.
  • Year 2 In the second year, I had a new mentor. This meant different work and ways of working, doing everything from electrical repairs to gearbox overhauls and engine work. This came with harder work and more responsibility for me as my mentor pushed me to do more by myself but still supervised.
  • …And a college course
    During my apprenticeship, I had to undergo a 3-year college course. This involved a City and Guilds level 2 course for 1 year and a level 3 course for 2 years. During college time, I had to attend theory classes as well as practical training. In addition to these, I had to complete certain write-ups about the practical work I had carried out at my college.
  • Year 3
    This year was the hardest year. It was the first year of having my own ramp and carrying out work without the direct help and guidance of a mentor. Although this was intimidating, it was something I soon got used to and had to find my own way of carrying out jobs.
  • How do you feel about your career?
    Overall, I am happy that this is the career I chose. I get on well with all colleagues and have a good laugh. At the same time, I take my job very seriously as it is an important role. I feel I have learnt a lot during my time at Caffyns and have much more to learn and look forward to what the future brings.
    If anyone is looking for a “Hands On” job role, I would recommend an apprenticeship as a Motor Vehicle technician, especially, at Caffyns PLC!

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