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Hayley Pearson

Lookers - Mechanic

  • What was your first step in the automotive industry? I began my career in the motor trade at the age of 17 at an independent garage owned by a family friend. Now, fast approaching my two-year milestone with Lookers, here is an inside into my daily routine and my journey with Lookers so far…
  • What’s your daily routine? The alarm is always set for 6:30 am. My parents and brother are usually still in bed while I’m having breakfast, but I see my dad just before I leave our house in Runcorn. My trusty little Ford Fiesta gets me to work in about half an hour. When I arrive at the dealership, I receive and warm and smiley welcome from Service Advisors Chris and John! We tend to catch up in the office for ten minutes or so while we wait for jobs to come in. Typical tasks and responsibilities can be anything from full health checks on cars to technicalities such as rebuilding parts. My day ends by cleaning my tools and work area, having a few laughs and saying goodnight to everyone.
  • What is your proudest achievement at Lookers so far? Rebuilding an engine on an Astra K last year has been the biggest challenge in my career so far, and also what I’m most proud of. Lookers let you put your abilities to the test and allow your skill set to flourish. This is one of the main things I love about working here.
  • Any recommendations for those looking to start their career in the automotive industry? Based on my experience of working in this industry, there’s always a lot of camaraderie between teams. So, people looking for a role within the motor trade will need to enjoy this type of light-hearted and sociable environment. Days could sometimes get quite tedious and repetitive at the small independent garage where I worked. However, since moving to Lookers, opportunities to work on projects such as rebuilding the Astra K engine, have often cropped up. Here, I can work independently, get involved in a breadth of tasks, and socialise with a friendly, supportive team.
  • What were your childhood dreams and your aspirations for the future? Being a dancer was the dream when I was younger and I still do a bit of dancing every now and then. But I’m probably not as flexible as I was years ago! As long as I keep up my fitness regime I’m happy. The reason I decided to become a mechanic was that I never liked just sitting in an office or the same routine. I needed a challenge and to do something that wasn’t your average ‘girl’ job, I wanted to be different. Yes, I worked hard to get past obstacles at the beginning of my career. I didn’t just want a 9 to 5 job, I wanted something that could grow into a career.


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