Success Stories Emma Winder

Emma Winder

JCT600 - Apprentice Service Technician

  • When did you start your apprenticeship? September 2021
  • Why did you choose an apprenticeship? I chose to undertake an apprenticeship as it meant I was able to earn money as I learnt. I will have a job opportunity available to me on completion of my course and I am gaining hands-on experience in the industry I want to work in and it is much better suited to me and my kinaesthetic learning style than higher education.
  • Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship, and why? I would definitely recommend doing an apprenticeship. There are many benefits to doing an apprenticeship; you are learning while you learn, it’s an amazing way to het hands on experience in the industry, you are given learning and training opportunities that would not be available from completing an equivalent course in a college and you are gaining real experience in a workshop that future employers will be looking for.