Success Stories Emily Holman

Emily Holman

Group 1 - Service Advisor

  • How did you get into the industry? I started working at Chandlers (part of Group 1 Automotive) on 2 June 2014. After college, I could not decide whether I wanted to go to university or accept the apprenticeship role at Chandlers. Having studied business at A level, I knew that I wanted to work within a professional environment and, one day, be running a team of employees.  After much thought into whether I wanted to accept a university offer or the apprenticeship, I spoke with family and friends and decided that I would rather be earning money whilst learning. Also, I felt that it would be more valuable to a business if I had experience in comparison to a degree
  • What was your first role? When I first joined Chandlers BMW Hailsham, I was at the reception desk. Before long, I had joined the service department and was enjoying the daily challenge and responsibilities that went with it. The Head of Business, Toby Burton, approached me with an offer of a 2-year apprenticeship in Customer Services run by BMW.
  • What did you gain from your apprenticeship? The apprenticeship was interesting and I felt that I gained a wealth of knowledge about the cars themselves but also customer service and how to deal with certain situations. The apprenticeship involved spending one week every couple of months at Wokefield Park BMW Group Academy. I met some great friends there whom I am still in contact with.
  • Have you now completed your apprenticeship? Yes, I have completed my apprenticeship. Now, I have a level 3 in Customer Service and have an accreditation from BMW. I was also nominated for Babcock Service Apprentice of the year. I spent a day in Milton Keynes competing and came out in first position!
  • Would you recommend your career to the others? Yes! Overall, the apprenticeship has been a great way of getting me into a career that I enjoy and see myself progressing. It also allowed me to earn money at the same time. Making the decision to accept the job at Chandlers BMW Hailsham was most definitely the right thing to do. I now have qualifications without having a debt of university fees hanging over me.

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