Success Stories Alex White

Alex White

JCT600 - Apprentice Customer Experience Advisor

  • When did you start your apprenticeship? October 2022
  • Why did you choose an apprenticeship? I chose this apprenticeship as I wanted to understand more about cars but also the process that [ep[;e gp through to get their vehicles booked in. As well as that, I personally wanted to grow my knowledge of cars and how cars runs day to day. Another reason for choosing this role is because my uncle has been in the car industry for 20 -25 years and he worked his way up from washing cars. This inspired me to go for this role as I believe JCT600 offers many different roles in the company, but also on top of that, I believe it is an amazing place to work as there are so many opportunities in the company and different ways I could go.
  • Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship, and why? I would recommend  doing an apprenticeship as I feel it is the best way to learn. The reason for this is because as you are learning you are doing the job, and on top of that you build skills daily. Also, after the apprenticeship it will open so many doors for anyone who chooses to do it. It is also great stepping stone into the real world and how Monday to Friday work is like.