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Online Job Interview Tips

Here are our top tips to have a successful online job interview!

  • Technology test run: Before your online interview, make sure you have checked that all your technology works. This includes webcam, microphone, and your sound speakers. Having a test run before the interview will allow you to know if there are any issues before the real thing.
  • Lighting: During your test run, you could also check what the lighting is like where you’ll do the interview. Having a clear image is important so the interviewers can see you properly. If you can, natural lighting is best!
  • Be on time: Much like a face to face interview, make sure you are on time. Being early is better than being late. You don’t want the interviewers to be waiting for you to join the call.
  • Tidy background: Since you will most likely be using your webcam, ensure that the background behind you is tidy. This can give the interviewers a good first impression since it shows that you care and are organised.
  • Dress professionally: Even though you may not be meeting in person, it’s still important to dress correctly for the interview. Therefore, wear formal clothes. Again, what you’re wearing can be crucial to make a good first impression to the employer.
  • Background noise: Employers will understand that you may be doing your interview in your home with other people around. However, try to limit the background noise, so you’re not distracted but also so the interviewers can hear you clear enough.
  • Eye contact: It can feel unnatural to talk over webcam but try your best to keep your eye contact with the interviewers; don’t look down and keep your head up!


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