Congratulations to Niki for winning our first competition!

We asked Niki some questions to get to know her a little better!

Name, Job Title, and Sector where you work: Niki Thomas, Marketing and Event Coordinator for Hospitality Table Cornwall, a European-funded project at Truro and Penwith College in Cornwall.

Where did you learn about Drive My Career? Initially working as a Marketing Apprentice who promoted Apprenticeships in all areas, I was always on the lookout for useful websites that could help potential learners to give them an idea about the industries and jobs available. We work with Get My First Job to promote vacancies, so found the website through Get My First Job. The addition of success stories definitely gives new learners the motivation they need to start a career and progress in the industry.

How do you think young people feel about working in the automotive industry? The automotive industry is often seen as a male-dominated sector. A lot of people don’t know about the different types of jobs available in the sector. It is largely made up of Admin, Marketing, Finance, Trainers, etc – which the industry couldn’t be successful without! Some of the most passionate automotive industry workers I have met are 16 year old female Apprentices learning how to fix cars and other vehicles from scratch with top business in the industry. It’s a sector that is always needing multi-skilled workers and that will always grow – we are lucky enough that there are many different ways of getting into the industry!

What do you think the new generations look for in a career nowadays? For younger generations, it is important to them that they are seeing a wage (whether this is after work experience or during/after training). By undergoing apprenticeships, you can earn while you learn on the job, which is a fantastic way to enter a business and start a career. Being treated fairly is a huge aspect of finding a job and knowing you’re receiving respect from an employer, despite your age, gender or experience is extremely important!


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