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Exam results day

From my past experience of receiving my GCSEs and A-Level results, it was probably two of the most nerve-wracking days in my life. Taking the exams is stressful enough but the day of finding out how well you’ve done is terrifying! I had finished exams and the summer had started and so I forgot about the exams and pushed them to the back of my mind! Up until a few days before results day.

When opening your results, open them the way you want to! Everyone deals with results day differently. Some people like to open their results surrounded by their friends and others prefer to do so alone. For me personally, I liked having one close friend there with me as support but keep away from the crowd of students. Some results I was happy with, but others I felt slight disappointment over. However, results don’t define you!

If you work hard in your exams, you will get the results you deserve! I did this with my maths GCSE and felt incredibly proud when I passed. If you receive a grade you’re not happy with, it may feel like the end of the world! But trust me it isn’t. Getting good grades, help you in your next step but you can still succeed in an amazing career no matter what grades you get! However, if you are really unhappy with your results, a resit is always an option!

Steps after receiving your grades: Whether you are going to College, starting an Apprenticeship or heading to University, if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it! There are so many directions your future can go in, and being young allows you to try all the different options available. Step out your comfort zone and you may surprise yourself!

Also, don’t stress over the time length of getting a job. What I mean by this is when you and your friends all finish education at the same time, there can be a lot of pressure to be successful like your friends. For example, when I finished college I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So many of my friends were kick-starting their career up London. This made me feel ashamed and embarrassed that I was working in a retail job. However, thinking differently about it now; at least I had a job, I was earning and gaining experience. Don’t compare yourself to others and just take it slow and steady in making sure you get yourself the right career! It’s your life and what people around you do, has no effect on your future.

I hope you’re happy with your results and that your future is a bright one!


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