News Why Choose A Career In Web Development?

Why Choose A Career In Web Development?

Why choose a career in web development?

The digital industry is always growing and evolving, so it will be an exciting industry to work in. Due to the constant changes to web development, you will always have the opportunity to interact with new tools and learn new skills. The development of the industry means the profession is in high demand.

Although not all automotive retailers have internal IT teams, some do. Thanks to the growing involvement of technology in the automotive sector, the importance of IT jobs in the industry will also continue to increase.

It’s important for automotive retailers to have a website which provides a great user experience. Nowadays, a lot of consumer research is done online, such as customers enquiring about services and products. It’s important to ensure that the website is desktop and mobile-friendly, so all customers can access the site.

Web Development careers can be broken down into three categories. These careers are a Front End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer, and a Full Stack Web Developer. Each of these career paths entails having different skills. For example, Front End includes program languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Back End involves PHP, Ruby, and Python.

How can you learn these web developer skills?

Understanding the basics of coding will take time but it won’t take years of learning. You can participate in coding boot camps which is an in-person program usually lasting between 8-12 weeks. Or you can take another option of online coding tutorials or online coding courses. YouTube has many helpful videos to understand the basics of coding.

Some other skills you’ll need to become a web developer are strong numeracy skills, problem-solving skills, the ability to explain technical matters clearly and computer literacy.

Developing these skills will help you secure a job. It is suggested to undergo mock coding projects to keep your skills and knowledge growing while you are searching for a job. These mock projects can go towards a portfolio to display your work to employers that may better your chance of being hired! Along with a portfolio, you will be able to put your experience, projects, and skills gained in your CV.

Another way to help develop your skills and knowledge is by starting an apprenticeship. This allows you to gain a wage while still learning. You can experience the working world and gain insights into the job roles you may progress into in the future.

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