News 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider The Apprenticeship Route

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider The Apprenticeship Route

-1 Learn while you earn: An apprenticeship allows you to continue to learn and gain a further understanding of a career sector, while earning your own money.

-2 Gain the right skills and experience: Apprenticeships provide you with the experience of working in a workplace such as an office, dealership or workshop, along with expanding your independence, organizational, time management and teamwork skills.

-3 Debt-free: If you go to university, you could face a debt of more than £40k by the time you graduate. However, with an apprenticeship, you have no tuition fee.
You will start a professional career in the industry of your choice with a means to progress and take further training.

-4 Guidance and support: During your time as an apprentice, you will work alongside one or more qualified and experienced employees who will help train you and demonstrate the skills needed.

-5 Professional qualification: Once you finish your apprenticeship, you will gain a nationally recognised qualification in your specific sector and you will have the skills to continue to work with your employer in a permanent position or apply for a different role in your chosen career sector.

National apprenticeship week is approaching! (6-12 Feb)
Keep following us to know more about the opportunities in automotive and why the apprenticeship route can be the right one for you!


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