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Why an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job which includes training and study. As an apprentice, you will work alongside staff that are experienced in their roles, gain skills from the role you are working in, earn a wage and have holiday pay as well as have training within the job that will result with an exam at the end of your apprenticeship.

Why should I choose the apprenticeship route?

Being an apprentice you will earn a real working wage. You will also gain skills in the area that you’re interested in. These skills you learn will help towards your future and give you the confidence you need to succeed further either in the same or in a new company. Along with this, an apprenticeship will set yourself up for the future. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, your salary will increase.

Entry requirements:

An apprenticeship is available to anyone over the age of 16. However, the entry requirements differ depending on the industry, job role, and apprenticeship level. When you apply for an apprenticeship, the entry requirements will be stated giving you an insight as to whether you will be suitable for the role.

How many hours per week should I be working?

For an apprenticeship the minimum working hours a week is 30, however, it may be more. This includes any off-the-job training you undertake. These hours do not apply in every circumstance. For example, people with caring responsibilities or people with a disability may work fewer hours within the week. However, this will mean that the apprenticeship will last longer to make up for this. Your time spent on training should be at least 20%. The company you work for must allow time for you to complete your training for your apprenticeship during your working hours.

Role of your training provider.

Your training provider is a key part of your apprenticeship. They help with your progress towards achieving the qualifications and also supporting you throughout your apprenticeship. The training provider works closely with your employer to make sure you receive the best possible help. You will have an introduction to starting the programme. This will include a detailed training plan and regular progress reviews.

What can an apprenticeship lead to?

At the end of an apprenticeship, most apprentices are kept on by their employer, especially, if they have invested a great deal in you and your training. In the automotive sector, apprentices often work their way up the corporate ladder with further training and promotions. Apprenticeships can be demanding and hard work but they are also very rewarding.

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