Success Stories Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly

Vospers - HR Administrator

  • A while ago, you took a career break and then decided to get back to work, tell us more After taking a four-year break from employment to start a family I soon realised that I had lost confidence in myself and skills. As a result, I was left feeling that I wouldn’t be able to return to a busy office environment. I decided to study accounting whilst being an ‘at home mother’. This was to equip myself with additional skills and regain some confidence. I wanted to have achieved something extra to add to my CV during my break.
  • How did you get into the industry? I started looking for a role where I could exercise my skills and develop myself further. Possibly, within a company I could feel proud to work for. When I saw the vacancy for an HR Administrator at Vospers I wanted to apply instantly. Being born in Plymouth and being aware of the success of Vospers as a family owned, homegrown business I felt it was the right fit for me. But the doubt I had in myself crept in and I hesitated. Then I thought “what’s the worst that can happen”?
  • So, how did your application go? When I received the call with the offer of an interview I was excited and nervous. The interview was as I expected. My panel was friendly and welcoming which made me feel at ease and I felt able to give the best interview I felt I could. When I received the call with the offer of the role I was ecstatic and I couldn’t wait to start.
  • …And you started to work as an HR administrator! Yes, I have now worked at Vospers for the past nine months and have established a great understanding of HR processes. Currently, I am also studying to become Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified. From my first day, I have had the support of my manager and colleagues which has been paramount in helping me reach my goals.
  • What have you gained from your experience at Vospers? I feel proud to say I work for Vospers and now consider myself to have gained not only a career but a work-family where I feel valued and recognised.

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