Success Stories Nathan Khan

Nathan Khan

Chapelhouse - Parts Apprentice

  • When did you start working in the automotive industry?
    I started working with Chapelhouse about two years ago. I saw an apprenticeship offer online, I was interested in the motor trade and I thought I’d go for it!
  • What does your role involve on a day to day basis and what do you enjoy the most?
    We tend to be busier in the morning when you need to get all the stock organised. All the technicians arrive in one big go to get their job sorted, so you need to be able to manage everything properly. The challenge is sometimes finding the right part especially if there is not enough in the department, it can be quite busy. I like chatting with customers, some of them are quite funny!
  • Nathan was one of Suzuki’s apprentices of the year – quite an achievement!
    Yes, by default apprentices enter the awards, they take into account a lot of different things like exam results, participation in your college work and the one with the highest score gets the award.
  • How has it been working for Chapelhouse?
    I work in a very good department with a lot of experience. It’s been good to learn from people who know what they are doing. The company is quite understanding and reasonable especially if you have other things going on outside work.
  • What’s your next goal?
    At the moment I want to finish my apprenticeship and then see where it goes from there, keep working hard and see what opportunities come up.
  • Do you have any tips for young people considering a job in this industry?
    My job is great if you have an interest in vehicles and you are a precise person. The work environment, in general, is fairly relaxed, you make friends with people and have a laugh with them, especially as an apprentice.


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