Success Stories Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper

Vospers - Marketing Executive

  • What was your first job at Vospers and how did your role develop? I started at Vospers just over 18 months ago as a graduate marketing assistant. Within six months, I had taken on the role of marketing executive. Now, I manage three of the 11 brands. I also support group events and projects.
  • Tell us more about your daily job. At Vospers, we carry out all marketing in-house, so, I have had fantastic exposure working on fully integrated campaigns. There is such a large emphasis on digital and social media marketing in the current climate that it is easy to neglect traditional methods which have their value and place in the marketing mix. With that said, I’m glad I have been able to improve and broaden my digital marketing skill set by learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics. It has been interesting and useful to learn a wide spectrum of marketing channels. Overall, I have developed a skill set that I can use in any industry.
  • How did you get into your current job after uni? Before leaving university, I realised that I had not been taught any practical marketing skills. Also, due to the fast-changing nature of digital marketing, the diploma I had been awarded in 2014 was somewhat redundant. Therefore, I made sure that I had researched and practised the areas of marketing that I could for a friend’s small business so that I had some real-life examples to discuss in the interview process.
  • What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your role? There have been challenges in my role. Having said that, learning how to adapt campaigns and overcome obstacles and restraints has been invaluable to the business as well as my own personal development. The best part of my role is being able to work with international brands. They have a large wealth of knowledge, training opportunities and experience.
  • What is the most exciting project you have worked on? To date, the most rewarding project I have worked on is Performance Plymouth. This was an initiative by the Devon and Cornwall Police to raise awareness of modifying and enjoying modified cars safely. As official sponsors of the event, we were responsible for developing the branding, offering our expertise in event management and publicising the event.  In summary, the day exceeded expectations in terms of turnout and success.

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