Success Stories Charlie Wills

Charlie Wills

TruckEast - Apprentice

  • How did you get into the automotive industry? My interest in mechanics started early. When I was younger, I always used to help my dad fix his motorbikes. I liked that it was hands-on and always challenging. That’s why I decided to study mechanics at college. Then, after finishing my course, I applied for an apprenticeship with TruckEast.
  • When did you begin your apprenticeship and what was the application process like? I started my apprenticeship in July 2016. I completed the application online and then I did Maths and English tests. After passing the test, I was invited for an interview which my parents came along to. Not long afterwards, TruckEast offered me the position.
  • What kind of training is involved? Every few months, I attend college at the Scania Training Centre in Loughborough, I stay there for two weeks at a time. We follow an official Scania program so everything I learn is relatable to my job. There are also assessors that come to see me in the workshop every six weeks. They watch me complete certain tasks and give feedback on my progress. So far, all of my feedback has been positive which I’m really happy about. They have said I am most confident in rebuilding engines and that’s my favourite part of the job.
  • Are you glad you chose an apprenticeship with TruckEast? I’m really happy with my apprenticeship choice. I enjoy the hands-on side of the role as well as the technical aspect and can really see myself having a career here. The team is great and there is diversity in what I do each day. That keeps it really interesting and exciting: you never know what truck will be coming in next. Last year, I was also nominated to take part in Apprentice of the Year and came 3rd!
  • What are your future aspirations? I would love to be a master technician. They can fix everything and are so knowledgeable. It is the highest level you can get to as a technician.

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