News Top tips for your first day at work

Top tips for your first day at work

Congratulations! It’s your first day at your new job. Here are some tips to make it the best!

Preparation: You don’t want to start off with a bad impression on your first day by being late to work. The place you’re now working at may be the place you had your interview. In this case, you would have already done the journey and have a rough idea of the journey time. If not, you can always do a practice run to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and figure out the best way to get to work. Google is handy when it comes to your journey to work. Make sure in the morning you check for any delays that may affect you.

Breakfast: As many people know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although, you may feel too nervous to eat, at least have something to give you some energy for the big day ahead!

Lunch: If the area where you’re working is new to you, you might not feel too comfortable trying to find some lunch on your first day. So, make yourself a packed lunch! It’s just an easy way to calm yourself knowing you have food already than hunting it down.

Outfit: Dress smart but be comfortable. You want to feel confident in what you’re wearing to give yourself that extra positive boost to the day! If you’re unsure of the dress code, it’s best to dress smart and make a good impression rather than arrive dressed too casual and feel out of place.

Information: Your first day is going to be full of information, probably too much for you to remember it all! To make this easier for you, make sure you take notes; especially the important parts!

Questions: Along with taking notes, ask questions! You want to understand the workplace and your role as much as possible so don’t be scared to ask as many questions as you like. Your new colleagues have been in your position before so don’t feel embarrassed to ask.

It’s natural to be nervous on your first day, however, these tips may make you feel just that little bit better! Good luck and have fun in your new job!

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