News Is an Administration role right for me?

Is an Administration role right for me?

There are so many offices around us and all offices need someone to make sure everything is running smoothly and correctly. This someone is called an administrator.

This job role is suitable for certain types of people. It’s great for those who love to take on a variety of tasks but can also multitask. This role involves a lot of structure since you have tasks to work through.

Some of the things an administrator does are:

– Sorting out the post.

– Greeting clients.

– Ordering office stationery supplies.

– Answering the phones.

– Managing diaries.

This job role is usually based in an office which is full time. Roughly working 35 hours a week. Although, there are opportunities out there that are part-time to allow those who want this role to still be able to achieve their goals.

The future progression of this job is that if you are good and trusted and want to be able to achieve a higher role, then administration is a good kick-start to your future. From being an administrator, you may be able to eventually become a supervisor, personal secretary or an office manager.

Is this job really for you?

Here are a few points to work out whether becoming an administrator is right for you:

– Good attention to detail.

– Able to stay calm under pressure.

– Fairly chatty.

– Team player.

– Good at multitasking.

– Good at prioritising.

Finally, for this role, you don’t have to have your CV filled up with qualifications. Like most companies, it’s good for the employer to have good levels of literacy and numeracy. To give yourself an extra boost and stand out, mention your skills in typing, telephone and organisation skills


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