Drive My Career is a web based platform that helps candidates find the best career opportunities in the automotive industry available in their area. It is a collaboration of automotive dealers under the direction of the NFDA.

Drive My Career helps you find the job that is local to you and best suits your skills and interests. In one simple step, Drive My Career puts you in touch with the best employers in the automotive industry, in your area.

Drive My Career shortlists the best job available in your area. Through a selection of the typical skills required for each sector and a number of inspiring stories from candidates just like you, Drive My Career can help you find out what\'s your ideal career.

All you have to do is enter your postcode in the box on the landing page, select one of your local dealerships and apply for the role that most appeals to you on its career page.

The jobs available in automotive retail are spread across all sectors. This gives you the opportunity to kick start your career in the position most suited to your interests and skills.

The jobs promoted through Drive My Career are based across all the UK and the \'search by postcode\' function allows you to find the roles available in your area.

The automotive industry offers such a wide range of opportunities that no matter what your strongest skills or personality traits are, you will be able to find a role that suits you. Browse around the website and get familiar with the industry, search the opportunities available, read the success stories of those who already work in automotive and let them inspire you.

The automotive industry is diverse and flexible and it is open to everyone. There is also an industry charity, Ben (http://ben.org.uk/), which helps those who work in the automotive industry in the UK, as well as their families.

Typical benefits offered in the industry vary depending on the company you work for. Often, these include a personal car which you can get serviced for free, others include discounts on used, new and rental vehicles.

Salaries vary depending on the position, but in general they are very competitive and, in many cases, include bonuses and commissions.


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